creative pursuits

I've always had my hand in the crafty side of life. From a young age I carried around a cardboard box with papers and pens, never sure when a moment of creative inspiration would strike. Now I carry my papers and pens around in a fancy roller bag, but the essence of why I carry it is the same - ready for the stroke of creativity to come from the world around me.

The idea for my business came about in 2005. I knew I didn't want to continue in the corporate world as I was, but I didn't know how to start out on a new venture. With the new year came new insight and Kennedy Ink began its journey.

My own corporation, set to take on new challenges and employ a vast number of people, poised on world domination (insert evil laughter here) ... and boiling down to me and my skills and abilities presenting my own version of artful expression to the world.

My idea with the 'ink' in Kennedy Ink is a nod to a main ingredient in most of my art and it links to the idea of being mindful when using the materials I use to create. When inking anything one could use a little too little, or much too much, and the resulting piece feels just not right. I prefer Goldilocks' method of finding just the right balance between the two extremes, where the original beauty of the idea or piece is enhanced by the subsequent dabbling or processing.

As the bookshelves in my studio can attest to I'm always learning, growing, and creating- and I hope to always be.

Michelle Kennedy


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