Word of mouth is the best advertisement possible. As such, we rely on the happiness of our customers to expand our customer base. This is what drives us to such a high level of performance in all that Kennedy Ink does.


I have had the pleasure of working with Kennedy Ink for multiple projects. From simple organizational projects (pantry, storage, etc.) and administrative work to wonderful scrapbooks and creative photo work. At all times I was consulted and kept up to date with the progress as well as ensuring that the vision I had originally imagined was still being captured. I can wholeheartedly say that I am thrilled with the results and would not hesitate for a second to recommended working with Kennedy Ink for any creative project!


Michelle is a God Send. Working with her has enabled me to sort through, remove and organize years of accumulated junk. She set up the ground rules, asked the hard questions, and accepted the occasional, "I'm not sure about that." She even helped set up a system to maintain the new state of organization - a system tailored to me and how I live.


I have had the pleasure of working with Kennedy Ink for a few years. We have completed a number of projects together, including organizing my wardrobe and de-cluttering my second bedroom, which had turned into a ‘catch-all’ room. During these projects, Kennedy Ink identified a number of cost-effective storage system solutions to aid in keeping the spaces organized. As well, Kennedy Ink came to my downtown office and assisted me with creating processes and systems to organize all the books, binders, files& information I had inherited from my predecessor and continued to accumulate on an on-going basis. Working with Kennedy Ink has been very productive, helping me to de-clutter and de-stress, giving me a more simplified & organized life!


Michelle created a beautiful wedding book for my husband and I. We discussed plans for the scrapbook before I left for our beach wedding. I wrote down what we did everyday and I gathered pamphlets from the places we visited. When we got back I met with Michelle and we went over what we would like. I didn't have any ideas of my own, so she presented me with options. After seeing her amazing wedding scrapbook I told her to go ahead and make the decisions on the background paper and the font's for the journal entries. We discussed photo arrangement and she helped me to downsize my photos so only the best ones would be in the book. I always get complimented on the wedding scrapbook whenever I show it off! She added so many wonderful touches to the book, it's just amazing.

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